Unconventional Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Brides

1-1Finding the perfect wedding rings for the would-be-bride is an uphill task. Every bride wants to sport a scintillating engagement ring on her D-day that makes her the cynosure of all eyes. Traditionally, a beautiful ring with a diamond at the centre is the classic choice. However, contemporary brides are in search of something unique and different that signifies a break from the past. Quite naturally, brides want to take their time when choosing an engagement ring that suits their style and personality as it is one item they wish to sport for the rest of their lives. It was in the 1930’s that the custom of diamond rings for engagement was started by De Beers. However, times have quite changes since then. Would-be-brides today are being easily lured by alternative styles, metals and gemstones.

Various women at the helm, like Olivia Wilde and Scarlett Johansson have created a furore by sporting unconventional wedding rings that made them the talk of the town.

As elegant as always, the traditional art-deco pieces from the family heirloom are still considered to be ideal engagement rings by the majority. However, unique gemstone rings in different hues are soon catching everyone’s fancy. Emerald, topaz and tourmaline are quite popular choices when it comes to unconventional engagement rings.

Diamonds in different hues like yellow, pink and grey are also ideal options to set apart your ring from the rest. Not every bride prefers the big and blingy when it comes to rings. Subtle and sophisticated, rings with minimalistic designs are other great options that never go out of style and fashion. Also in vogue are plain but creative bands with personalized messages engraved on it. How about a Bohemian ring that fully does justice to your free-spirited and unique personality? Bedecked with rough diamonds in exclusive flowy formats with interesting designs, stones and metals, these will surely make you stand out from the crowd and be the diva of the night!

Fashion Jewelry That You Buy Has Memories And Emotions Attached To It

The ubiquitous diamond engagement ring still is the best ornament that perfectly seals the commitment of the couples towards each other. Since this sector is one of the most competitive, every fashion jewelry retailer and designer is trying really hard to get a large share of the diamond ring market.

When it comes to inspiration, top designs of the seasons featuring in major jewelry magazines, and pop artists and celebrities are quite strong ones and we’d recommend retailers to take the cue from them in this season of love. Customers are often seen visiting the stores with clippings from magazines that feature engagement rings adorned by celebrities and insisting on re-creating the same with some personal finishes of their own.

When it comes to getting your chains repaired, keep in mind that a repaired chain would never have the same strength as the original one. The repairs in flat chains cannot be detected easily, whereas small or badly damaged chains might bring some stiffness into surrounding links after repair. Jewelers could ask for little extra to repair chains as it is a difficult proposition for them.

Every piece of jewelry that you buy or receive has memories and emotions attached to it, and of course it is expensive and costs a lot of money! It is recommended that you insure your jewelry so that you get back its monetary value at least. Jewelry is insured under general homeowner’s policy as well but it is recommended you check your coverage as only a few causes of coverage are covered. There are specialized jewelry insurance companies that insure your precious pieces of finery against theft, loss and damage.

Charm Bracelets: In Every Woman’s Jewelry Box

Charm bracelets have been a prized possession for every girl while growing up and even after. Quirky and fun charms dangling in plenty from the bracelet is something that allows one to wear their entire personality on their wrists, quite literally! Representing your cherished memories and likes, charms are considered to be more like an extension of one’s personality. No wonder, the youngsters bursting at the seams with confidence and raring to show-off their true nature to the world are in absolute awe of this accessory.


In certain ways, charms are like wine! They get better with maturity and age. Add something new to it and an entirely different facet of it is revealed to you. As you grow in experience and become a mature jewelry wearer, you train in the art of twisting the charm bracelets to suit the changing times, style and fashion. This accessory can be easily changed and modified to include new elements of the latest fashion and exclude the ones which no longer appeal to you. While as a youngster, you were reckless and carefree, with age you’ve also attained the capability of responsibly handling your prized finery. This does not let your charms snag as often as it would earlier, and hence stays with you longer.

When adults follow a trend, there is more possibility of it being passed on to the future generation. Youngsters get inspired not just by their parents but also by celebrities. From the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston to Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton, women on top in every sphere of life have been inspiring charm bracelet trends amongst the impressionable consumers.

DIY Jewelry Piece Rather Than A Fashion Statement

All that glitters is definitely not gold! It holds truer when the metal used to craft your jewelry is too bright and shiny.

Inexpensive alloys shine bright, more so in light colors. Hence, when going for fashion jewelry choose a metal in darker tone that adds weight to your chosen piece, making it look expensive.

Metals that are a little heavier and gemstones that are bigger give a much better impression. A jewelry should weight somewhat equivalent to the metal it is trying to imitate. The way a statement neck piece hangs in your neck is a big away of its price. Make sure that your jewelry at least gives an impression of being bold, sturdy and long-lasting.

Cheap imitations always end up looking cheap, undoubtedly! A piece of red plastic cannot ever try and be anywhere close to a ruby, so junk the plastic look-alikes and opt for clear crystals that are affordable yet do not look cheap. If it is large gemstones that you really desire, prefer semi-precious ones to fakes and look-alikes of expensive ones.

Metals like nickel, copper and silver can react with your skin and stain it. You’d definitely not want to be caught green-handed by the onlookers! Polish your silvers frequently or add a clear nail polish as barrier between your fashion jewelry and your skin.

The What and How of Trend Forecasting

Spotting trends before they become a rage is not as easy as it sounds. We all know how important it is for fashionistas to predict trends to stay ahead of the game however we do not know how complex this process is! As believed earlier, trends are not something that is developed by some designers at the top or the elite magazine editors, and it does not always flow from top to bottom. Trends and fashions develop on their own as a result of varied influences like celebrity culture, lifestyle, art and sometimes even global economy! The booming social media, online shopping and fast fashion have made trends prediction even more difficult. So, what would the consumers like this season, Pearl or Sapphire? Will rose gold continue to be the metal of choice? How exactly are trends formed and what influences them?

glamulet shop1

Trends are not pre-decided but are rooted in the present and the most challenging task is to spot these hints that have the ability to develop into trends in the future. Fashion and jewelry trends often are so fleeting that it is easy to believe them to be dictated by top designer and media houses. The truth is however different as there are a broad range of influences that dictate trends and fashions. Jewelry trends are influenced by a broader culture that translates the moods and needs of the masses into visually appealing pieces. Color trends are also influenced by varied other things like media, new technology, lifestyle, films, celebrities, art, musicians, as well as new travel destinations and sports events!

There are various factors influencing a jewelry trend, these could include aspects like short supply of certain metals and shortage of experts dealing in certain technology or design form. With blurring of boundaries between countries, jewelry connoisseurs are more aware than ever before of what’s hot in other shores and what is being worn by celebrities on red carpets in different parts of the world. This a major influence for jewelry trends in this ever increasing global marketplace. Trends are influenced by a series of cultural connections, no doubt, but forecasting still remains the prerogative of the big players in the industry who come out with their trend forecasting reports each season.

Fashion Jewelry Tips & Styles

Jewelry has been adorned by men and women since centuries. It is one thing that defines you like nothing else does, and hence requires careful attention to detail and a good taste. When buying jewelry, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration and several thumb rules apply when you wear it. Here are a few rules, straight from the horses’ mouth, to get the most out of your jewelry.

fashion jewelry2

This type of jewelry is quite new to the wedding market, still one can find umpteen varieties and styles in it. It is particularly popular amongst men who are looking for simple wedding bands with brush or mirror finishes. Also popular are the diamond or gemstone set rings, as well as rings with laser engravings. For women however, the variety available is limited. The traditional wedding ring style with a band and a stone at the centre is also replicated in stainless steel, not with diamond but with cubic zirconia. There are options available for the modern bride looking for contemporary and unique designs like sleek bands, tension set styles or bands with channel set gemstones and diamonds.

Keeping the flip sides in mind, choose a ring that perfectly fits your finger as resizing it is not a possibility. Keep the product description in mind when buying a stainless steel ring as buying one with electroplating or ion features would not be able to take daily wear and tear. Finally, choose the best and most trusted retailer that offers you great deals and exchange program on their jewelry and you’re all set to enjoy this fascinating new entry to your treasure chest.

Fashion Jewelry For Modern Women

It is indeed the right time for you to buy that double-strand choker, those gorgeous pearl-drop earrings or that pearl and diamond bracelet charm. So before your precious purchase, get acquainted with the types of pearls available in the fashion jewelry market currently. Natural or man-made, pearls are beautiful in all their forms.

There are different types of pearl on offer. The Akoya pearl takes 10-18 months to form in salt water and comes in varied colors. The Tahitian pearl is also grown in salt water, takes about two to three years, and is available in eight different colors.

The fresh water pearls grown in China are also quite popular today. Available in seven colors, they take around six months to one year to form. With so much of variety available, it is essential to get in-depth information about pearls before making your final purchase.

The adaptability and inter-changeability of sterling silver jewelry with other metals like gold and platinum is another reason that makes it one of the top choices of women today. This provides consumers with a bevy of choices when it comes to creating a uniform rather than a mix-and-match look.

Good value for money, durability, artistry, inter-changeability and style are the primary reasons that have elevated sterling silver to its present status today. So keep buying those scintillating sterling silver jewelry pieces and be the bright shiny star at the next do!

Once you start buying frequently from particular websites, you also get eligible to receive ‘frequent buyers’ discount and deals’. Reserved specially for you, these head-turning deals are temptations enough to keep you getting back to the same platform each time. As a frequent online shopper, you’d also be aware of the return and exchange policies that most trustworthy portals boast of. You can pick and choose statement fashion jewelry from the comfort of your home, at a bargain of a price and with the option of returning it easily in case there is a change of mind.